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Melissa J. Roche

I'm a Colorado writer with a planetary science PhD, soon to publish my debut contemporary romance novel in Spring 2022.

calvin rehoboth observatory telescope in the desert

How I found and named an asteroid

And all the people and equipment who helped me do it, and why it takes so long to name an asteroid, and why no asteroids are named after my awesome cat despite how awesome she is.

Love, Fear, and Letting Go

I’ve been singing “Let It Go” all wrong. It’s not the anthem of independence that I first thought it was. Taken together with the rest of Frozen’s songs and storyline, it is so much more than that.

Person sitting on a wood floor typing on a laptop

How I made this website

I’m no web designer; I’m an author and an artist balancing creativity and productivity. Here’s the rundown on how I made my website, with tips and tricks and stuck points to avoid.